The Pet Planet Story

The relationship between pet and Guardian can be one of the most rewarding experiences a human can have. When we invite an animal into our family we take full responsibility for their well being. Nurturing this relationship not only enriches your pet's life, but also your own.

Why was Pet Planet created? Because every decision you make for your pet really does matter.

Pet Planet is a family business, founded by a mother and daughter team with a passion for their own pets. They understand the need for a healthy pet and have always gone above and beyond the call of duty for their four legged companions.

And then along came Reuben...

Reuben was an example of everything that can go wrong when choosing a pet. A Cocker Spaniel who stole their hearts, he was purchased from a backyard breeder. From the beginning Reuben was not a healthy dog. He was not genetically strong and had serious temperament issues. From nutrition to training, it seemed impossible to find the correct information to improve his quality of life. Even when asked, pet industry workers seemed unable to offer information on the differences in pet foods. Therefore high budget TV advertising seemed the most believable. Consequently, Reuben was fed a poor quality grocery store brand devoid of nutrients. Striving for a healthy, happy pet with the abundance of flawed and inaccurate information was impossible and ultimately led to a very painful end. Reuben died of cancer at 7 years of age.

Reuben's story is not an unusual one. Problems associated with poor quality commercial diets are seen every day at veterinary offices. Cancer, behavioral issues, and degenerative illnesses can all stem from poor nutrition. Surrenders to Humane Societies and other agencies are abundant for a variety of reasons from "we weren't prepared for what it takes" to "he has behavior problems". Pet Planet was created to help change these discouraging facts.

The first Pet Planet store opened in 1996 and was founded on the principle of total pet health wellness through education. Today, Pet Planet is a dedicated group of individuals, corporate employees and franchise operators alike, who are dedicated to your pet's well being. Through passion and innovation, we have grown from one Calgary retail location, to a variety of services across North America that including retail, grooming, dog day care, training academies, and full service resort/kennel care.

A talented management team and dedicated associates are the pillars of Pet Planet's success. Building something from nothing is a challenge and success cannot be accomplished without people who carry the same passion to change an industry-one community at a time.

We employ the best and are proud of them...because it matters