Pet Planet strongly believes that we have a responsibility to the communities in which we live and operate, and supports a variety of pet related organizations and events. Pet Planet donates to pet related clubs, charities and non-profit organizations in our communities. However, we receive hundreds of donation requests each year, and unfortunately cannot support every request we receive.

To manage our contributions and provide support to as many worthy causes as possible Pet Planet has developed the following guidelines.

Donation requests may be submitted by contacting us, or in writing to your local Pet Planet location.

Due to the volume of requests we receive, we unfortunately cannot accept any phone calls, or letters sent to head office. Please allow 4 – 6 weeks to process your request.

Please ensure that your request contains all of the following information in order to be considered:

  • Full name of the organization, address, telephone and fax numbers
  • A contact person’s name and email address
  • Charitable or non-profit registered number, if applicable,
  • A brief history of the organization, its purpose, the significance of its work, and who benefits
  • Description of the specific project or program for which the donation is sought
  • If applicable, a description of what the funds raised will be used for
  • What type of donation you are requesting (see below)
  • Most importantly, why donating to this cause would be a good fit for Pet Planet

Pet Planet has identified three categories of donations that we are able to contribute to. They are:

Adoption/Information Days

Due to our philosophies on responsible pet acquisition, Pet Planet supports many rescue organizations by donating space in our stores for legitimate rescue groups to host adoption/information days. Frequently, these are arranged on an annual basis, and never for longer than 12 months at a time. If you are applying to have an adoption/information day at Pet Planet, please ensure your request contains the following in addition to the above information:

  • Frequency of event (weekly, monthly, one time only, etc.),
  • Which location are you requesting
  • What activities will you be engaging in (i.e. adoptions, information distribution, fundraising)
  • Will you have animals on-site for adoption? If so, what type and how many?
Donation Bins

Each Pet Planet location has space for one donation bin, in which we collect pet food and supplies that are donated by our customers to a rescue agency. These donation bins also receive any merchandise that Pet Planet is able to donate, such as near-dated pet food, damaged food bags, etc. The recipient rescue agency is chosen annually each January, and is responsible for supplying their own bin (no larger than 3’x3’x3′ square) and for emptying it regularly. The deadline for applying for this type of a donation is November 30 of each year.

Prizes/Other Items

Pet Planet is occasionally able to provide prizes, silent auction items or other items such as goody bags or coupons for pet related events or fundraisers.

Eligibility Guidelines

We receive an overwhelming number of worthy requests, and it in order to narrow the choices, Pet Planet has created eligibility guidelines for all requests. Pet Planet supports pet related organizations that meet a need within a community in which Pet Planet has a business presence and employee base. Pet Planet also supports a number of Humane Societies/SPCA’s with significant contributions, and therefore cannot accept requests from third parties for events held to raise funds for the same organizations.

Please note Pet Planet is unable to support the following:

  • Individuals
  • Religious organizations
  • Private schools
  • Minor sports
  • Political parties or candidates
  • Non-pet related groups or events

Additionally, Pet Planet does not provide cash sponsorship of any kind, and cannot offer discounts on products or services that we sell.

Pet Planet’s Significant Non-Profit Foundation

As a company, Pet Planet has chosen the Kali’s Wish Cancer Foundation as our Significant Non-profit Foundation. This means that any projects initiated or administrated by Pet Planet, including exclusivity on coin boxes, will be directed to Kali’s Wish. Therefore, we cannot sell any items (chocolate bars, calendars, etc.) in our stores on behalf of other organizations.