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Black Cat Superstitions…10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Black Cat

Why Do Black Cats have a Harder Time Being Adopted? We hear it all the time – black cats have a harder time being adopted vs. other cats. Part of this we can relate to influx numbers – as statistically there are higher black cats in shelters vs. other coloured cats. The black cats we […]

25 Reasons Your Cat Is Your Soulmate

Hello to our favorite cat ladies… and daddies. This month, we’re rolling out specials and talking online about all things cat. You love ‘em, we love ‘em… I mean what’s not to like? See below for our 25 Reasons Your Cat Is Your Soul Mate. 1. They Know How To Cuddle Like Nobody’s Business. When […]

The Life of a Backyard Dog

You see one in every neighborhood. A dog tied day after day to a doghouse or back porch, or living isolated in a chain link ‘run’ in the backyard.

Pets as Gifts

Are you thinking of buying a pet as a gift? Think again!

Making The Right Choice

As with any expensive purchase, buying a purebred puppy requires as much consideration as possible.

Embrace Guardianship

The Guardian Campaign promotes the usage of the term guardian instead of owner when referring to our animal companions.

Pet Health Myths

Pet Planet believes good health starts with superior nutrition which is why we choose the foods we carry with great care.

How to Choose a Dog Daycare

If you have a dog that requires an outlet for his boundless energy, daycare can provide the safe, healthy and fun environment he needs to help him/her stay out of trouble at home!