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3 Pet Christmas Carols

Our pets love to celebrate the season, and just like us, they enjoy a few good Christmas Carols. See below for some of our favorite “pup” songs our dogs are big fans of. Jingle “Balls” Dashing through the snow Thumping all four legs O’er the hills we go Drooling all the way *pant* *pant *pant* […]

38 Things Our Pet Harvey Is Thankful For This Canadian Thanksgiving

We’re excited to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with our favorite Guardians and pets! To celebrate, one of our pet’s from the Pet Planet Office, Harvey, told us what he was grateful for this year… 1. Morning snuggle time with MY BEST FRIEND in their bed. 2. Waking my people up with slobbery “I wuff you” kisses. […]