Embrace Guardianship

The Guardian Campaign promotes the usage of the term guardian instead of owner when referring to our animal companions.

Avoiding Obesity – How You Can Keep Your Pet Fit

The numbers speak for themselves – America has a weight problem. Rather, 53% of dogs in America and 58% of cats are considered either overweight or obese, while in the U.S, currently about ⅓ Of American Adults are also considered obese. As a result, by the year 2020, about ¾ of Americans are expected to […]

38 Things Our Pet Harvey Is Thankful For This Canadian Thanksgiving

We’re excited to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with our favorite Guardians and pets! To celebrate, one of our pet’s from the Pet Planet Office, Harvey, told us what he was grateful for this year… 1. Morning snuggle time with MY BEST FRIEND in their bed. 2. Waking my people up with slobbery “I wuff you” kisses. […]

Why Does My Cat Like To Play “The Floor Is Lava?”

Do you ever feel like your cat is playing a rounding rendition of, “The Floor Is Lava” with you? We all know, cats like tall places, and running around the room as much as possible. But why do cats “like” mimicking towers and skyscrapers? Is there a reason they like hopping from the kitchen table […]

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