Embrace Guardianship

The Guardian Campaign promotes the usage of the term guardian instead of owner when referring to our animal companions.

Why Oral Health is Important for Pets

Author: Petcurean Many pet owners don’t realize the importance of oral health for their pet’s overall well-being. A healthy set of choppers and gums enables your pet to grind up his food with ease. This aids digestion by allowing the enzymes in the stomach to do their job. Just as with humans, poor oral hygiene […]

Clean Pet Dental Health Q & A

You brought us your clean teeth questions, and we brought you our answers! This month at Pet Planet, we’re celebrating dental health. Check out our detailed Q & A below with a few common questions and answers about pet dental health. Q: What’s the best way to brush my dog’s teeth? A: The first step […]

Do You Know About Your Pet’s Pearly Whites? Brush Up With Our Pup Quiz

Can you pass our pet dental health “pup” quiz? Take our quiz and check your answers below! Question 1.) What is the easiest way for you to upkeep your pet’s dental health? a.) Toothbrush and toothpaste b.) Bones c.) By eating, my pet upkeeps their teeth themselves Question 2.) What is periodontal disease? a.) A […]

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