Embrace Guardianship

The Guardian Campaign promotes the usage of the term guardian instead of owner when referring to our animal companions.

3 Pet Christmas Carols

Our pets love to celebrate the season, and just like us, they enjoy a few good Christmas Carols. See below for some of our favorite “pup” songs our dogs are big fans of. Jingle “Balls” Dashing through the snow Thumping all four legs O’er the hills we go Drooling all the way *pant* *pant *pant* […]

Black Cat Superstitions…10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Black Cat

Why Do Black Cats Hard Time Been Adopted? We hear it all the time – black cats have a harder time being adopted vs. other cats. Part of this we can relate to influx numbers – as statistically there are higher black cats in shelters vs. other colored cats. The black cats we know and […]

Baby Got Back – Questions And Answers On Overweight Pets

We all love the fat cat memes, and the round hound GIFs on the internet – but the reality is, in the real world, rolls come with real problems. So how can we be the best guardians we can be and tell when our pets are overweight? We answer some common obesity questions below. Q: […]

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