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Dog and Cat Obesity Care and Weight Loss

Obesity is caused by the imbalance of energy intake versus energy usage. Meaning, if your pet ingests more calories then they burn off then the result will be excess weight gain.

Obesity in our pets can lead to very serious health-related illnesses, which in turn can reduce the lifespan of the pets we love, even if they are only moderately obese. Multiple issues can arise from excess weight including stress to bones and joints, as well as illnesses affecting both the digestive and respiratory organs.

Obesity usually presents itself in middle-aged animals, generally aged between five and ten years old, as well as in neutered or indoor pets. Symptoms of obesity are fairly obvious and relate to excess body fat, weight gain and the inability or unwillingness to exercise.

Simple solutions can be applied to aid in the battle of the bulge:

Read your labelsThere are many low-calorie food options available to you and your pet, but reading the label and understanding what ingredients contribute to weight gain can help.

Changing your habitsKnowing how much, how often and what your pet is being fed can really help with ensuring a healthy weight. Setting a schedule and educating all of the feeders in your home on the right quantities and the right foods to feed can really help.

Treating them to a little more loveSomething as simple as switching out a treat reward for some extra play or snuggle time can very quickly affect your pet’s, and your own, overall health.