Dog and Cat Safety Awareness

For the month of July we will be focusing on the supportive practices and products that can help you to keep your pet safe. Whether you are on the water or the shore, you can count on Pet Planet for everything you’ll need throughout the year to keep the ones you love safe and sound.

Safety Articles

In our 19 year history as your local source for trusted and healthy options for your pet, we have always believed that education is key to being the best possible Guardian. We spend a lot of time with our “ears to the ground” researching the best possible sources for information on a variety of topics. This month we are featuring articles that contain some simple, quick tips on keeping your pets safe. See below to learn more!

Camping Safety Water Safety
Vehicle Safety Litter Safety

Products we trust to give our own pets!

The products you find on our shelves have been selected because we trust them to be safe for the pets WE love. Yes, it’s true, we USE the products found in our stores in our own families. So you can trust that we take our product selection processes very seriously and that you can trust that all of the products you find in our stores are safe and healthy for the pets YOU love. Here are a just a few of the ones we recommend to keep your pets safe!

Outward Hound

When it comes to water safety, it is always better to be safe than sorry. This is why we at Pet Planet carry a variety of flotation devices like Outward Hound’s life jackets to keep your pet safe on the water. Outward Hound offers a wide selection of colors and styles, including the Fun Fish Life Jacket (as seen below) which features dual grab handles making it easy to pull your dog out of the water.

To learn more about this and more great Outward Hound products click here.

july safety outward hound


“Rawhide Does Bad Stuff”

At Pet Planet, you will NEVER find rawhide on our shelves. Instead we offer many safe chewing alternatives including the Whimzees line of Dental Chews. Whimzees satisfies the need to chew while making it fun with different shapes, like hedgehogs and alligators, as well as through a variety of sizes and flavours. Bumps and grooves help to ensure proper blood flow through the gums and help get the chew into smaller spaces between the teeth. Find out which Whimzees character would best suit your dog then visit your local Pet Planet and pick some up!

july safety whimzees


Fur babies can find more trouble than we can even imagine, so being prepared can help you both recover more quickly from any situation. At Pet Planet we carry many products that can help with minor first aid issues, one of our most popular options is Petzlife’s Wound Care.

Petzlife’s Wound Care is an all-natural, plant-based oil that can be used for minor scratches, cuts and abrasions. It is available in multiple sizes, including a handy 1oz travel size for on-the-go mishaps. To learn more about Petzlife and their line of products click here.

july safety petzlife