Our pets love to celebrate the season, and just like us, they enjoy a few good Christmas Carols.
See below for some of our favorite “pup” songs our dogs are big fans of.

Jingle “Balls”
Dashing through the snow
Thumping all four legs
O’er the hills we go
Drooling all the way
*pant* *pant *pant*
Bobbling for balls
Just making all tails wag.
What fun it is to bark and prance
While chasing the mailman oh
Jingle Balls Jingle Balls
Jingle all the way!
Oh what fun it is to ride
with windows down today hey!

Have Yourself A “Mew”ry Little Christmas
Have yourself a “mew”ry little Christmas
Let your eyes be wide
From now on the tree is nearly in your sight.
Have yourself a “mew”ry little Christmas
Twilight present glow
Wiffs and sniffs of pine and cypress grow
Here we are underneath, below
Shiny ornaments galore
Fuzzy claws, clinging to the bark
Paws dropping off pine cones
Climbing the tail of the fuzzy forest
Have you seen the star
Traveling to the top, like a royal Czar
So have yourself a “meow”ry little Christmas
Have yourself a “mew”ry little Christmas
Just have yourself a “meow”ry little Christmas now

Kenna The Happy Labby
You know Harvey and Domey and Prancer and Vixen.
You know Barney and Rosie and Stormy and Lincoln.
But do you recall
The most spirited puppy of all?
Kenna The Happy Labby
Had a very waggy tail
And if you ever saw it
you might just see it impale!
All of the other puppies
Used to bow down to her name
But they never let poor Kenna
Snack during the football game
Then one foggy Sunday eve
The cable wouldn’t play
Kenna with her tail, so spright
Fixed the tv, and saved the night
Then how the litter loved her
And they shouted out with glee
Kenna The Happy Labby
Now have all the snacks for free!