Cat Litter Safety… There Is A Difference!

One of the biggest dangers to a cat’s – and the rest of your family’s – health can be found in the litter box.

Two common themes come up time and time again with respect to cat litter:

  1. Cats will inhale what is in their litter box
  2. Cats will ingest what is in their litter box while cleaning themselves

Clumping Litters

  • Clumping litters may be related to a wide range of cat health problems including diarrhea, vomiting, kidney problems, respiratory problems, lethargy and more
  • Clumping litter forms a hard, insoluble mass when it gets wet. It also produces a fine dust. When cats use the litter box, they lick themselves clean and ingest the dust. The ingested dust expands, forming a mass and coating their insides, causing dehydration and preventing absorption of nutrients
  • The problem with clumping litters is more prevalent than most people are aware of, with respiratory and other auto-immune diseases respiratory and being the result

Sodium Bentonite Clay

  • Sodium bentonite is naturally swelling clay added as a clumping agent to litter
  • When wet, sodium bentonite swells to approximately 15 times its original volume, acting as expandable cement would
  • When expanded, this clay will block plumbing and should never be flushed
  • If this clay can block plumbing, imagine what ingesting the dust does to your cat’s lungs and intestines

Crystalline Silica Dust

  • Some low quality clay litters contain crystalline silica dust
  • Crystalline silica is not biodegradable and is said to be cancer-causing
  • Crystalline silica can accumulate in your cat’s lungs over time which can result in a condition called silicosis, causing shortness of breath and reduced lung capacity
  • Humans are also susceptible to silicosis

Safe Options and their Benefits

Pet Planet carries a variety of safe and healthy cat litters:

Feline Fresh

  • Instantly absorbs and neutralizes all litter box odors
  • Similar texture to clay for cat acceptance
  • Safe, natural southern yellow pine
  • Biodegradable
  • Available in 6lb 17lb bags

Yesterday’s News

  • 100% recycled newspaper
  • Unscented
  • 3x more moisture absorbent than clay
  • 99.7% dust free
  • Non-toxic
  • Available in 15lb and 30lb bags

Odour Buster

  • Dust and perfume free
  • pH balanced
  • 100% Organic
  • Non-toxic; safe for cat and household Excellent odor control with once weekly changes
  • Available in 13 and 33lb bags

Swheat Scoop

  • 100% wheat litter
  • Clumping, low dust
  • Clay and chemical free
  • 100% biodegradable & compostable
  • Sewer and septic safe
  • Safe for kittens
  • Available in 25lb and 40lb bags