Hello to our favorite cat ladies… and daddies. This month, we’re rolling out specials and talking online about all things cat.
You love ‘em, we love ‘em… I mean what’s not to like? See below for our 25 Reasons Your Cat Is Your Soul Mate.

1. They Know How To Cuddle Like Nobody’s Business.
When it’s cuddle time, it’s cuddle time. And we aren’t hating that.

2. They’re Great At Making Conversation.
Make no mistake – cat’s know how to sass. They’re speaking to you and only you.

3. They Make A Sophisticated Dinner Date.

4. They’re Fantastic Alarm Clocks.
It’s nice to not set your alarm – having our cat’s poke, or “mew” at us in the morning is an adorable way to wake up (most) days.

5. They’re Not Afraid To “Get Real”.
You need to clean the apartment

6. They’re Avid “Outdoor Enthusiasts”.
Taking your cat out for a walk can not only be entertaining – but fun! And don’t get us started on people watching – cats are the “go-to” experts.

7. We Earn Their Love.
It has more “value” to us. Constantly work to maintain the relationship.

8. Bring Out Our Inner Domestic Goddess.
You: want to live like you’re in a college dorm room.
Your cat: Will take NONE of that.
It’s nice to live with a creature that acts like “Your Mom” fused with Mary Poppins.

9. They Prove Their Worth.
Cats are great hunters – which means, less worrying about bugs or rodents. Sure we could do without the game of thrones presentation, but it’s nice to have to have a personalized pest expert right in your own home.

10. They Know How To Pump. You. Up!
A cat’s head bump is essentially the equivalent of a high-five.

11. They Remind Us – Life Is About The Little Things.

12. They Teach Us To Be “OK” With Independence.
When cats love you, they LOVE you, but if you want to do your own thing – that’s ok too. Cat’s also like their own alone time.

13. They Remind Us Work Isn’t Everything.
For better or worse, cats love laptop time. And you know, sometimes it’s a good remember to let work rest for another day – so you can focus on what’s really important – cat time!

14. They “Tuck Us In” At Night.
We love that warm fuzzy feeling we get wrapped up at night when our cat’s make biscuits on our back.

15. They Make Great Listeners.
After a rough day, sometimes it’s great to spend some “paw-sitive” time talking to our caring kitty cats.

16. Belly Time.
I mean – who doesn’t love their sweet – albeit weird – pooch pouch?

17. They’re Beautiful.
We’ve spent many a night gazing into the eyes of our mini-lions, stroking their gorgeous coats.

18. They’re Our Own First Aid Kit.
Cats create purr vibrations within a range 20-140Hz – known to be medically therapeutic for many illnesses. This helps: lower stress, blood pressure, and even promote bone strength.

19. Their Meows Are Unique.
No two cat’s meow is exactly alike.

20. They’re Expressive.
The different faces they make when they’re mad, sad, happy – are incredibly unique and arguably human-like.

20. Love Bites.
There’s nothing quite as awesome as their love bites that say -,”I love you but don’t cross me.”

21. They Don’t Take Themselves Too Seriously.
There’s nothing like the hundreds of cat videos on our phones (or youtube) that can brighten our day.

22. They Were The Originators Of “Twerking”.
That booty – enough said.

23. They’re Film Buffs.
My Cat Mowgli is a huge fan of sci-fi and superheroes. Don’t ask me how many historical throwbacks or Korean Dramas my cat Vlad has watched – too many to count!

24. “Whiskers On Kittens” Our Among Our Favorite Things.
Literally in – “My Favorite Things” from Sound Of Music – one of the most iconic movies of all time, and for good reason. Whiskers are awesome. Add kisses and find your happy place.

25. They Know The Meaning Of “Loyalty Fur-ever.”
Cats are our best friends, and we just love them to bits!

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