Why Does My Cat Like To Play “The Floor Is Lava?”

Do you ever feel like your cat is playing a rounding rendition of, “The Floor Is Lava” with you? We all know, cats like tall places, and running around the room as much as possible. But why do cats “like” mimicking towers and skyscrapers? Is there a reason they like hopping from the kitchen table […]

Get Lit! 10 Litter Solutions For Your Cat

We love our cats – but we don’t love poop. So when it comes to litter – what is the right choice? As a guardian, is there a type of litter on the market that’s safer, better quality, or just most preferred by the cat populous? We could all benefit from some litter learning. Below […]

25 Reasons Your Cat Is Your Soulmate

Hello to our favorite cat ladies… and daddies. This month, we’re rolling out specials and talking online about all things cat. You love ‘em, we love ‘em… I mean what’s not to like? See below for our 25 Reasons Your Cat Is Your Soul Mate. 1. They Know How To Cuddle Like Nobody’s Business. When […]

Zini’s Story

Ch. Jaraw’s Zini Zepplynn (July 7, 2001-April 20, 2015)   On July 7, 2001 a litter of Siberian Husky puppies were born at a kennel in sunny California. The Walt Disney movie “Dinosaur” was popular at the time so the breeder April Cox named the litter after the lemurs in the movie. One of the […]