Food Safety

Here are a few criteria Pet Planet follows when choosing our product lines.

Food Dish Safety

Did you know plastic food and water dishes pose a risk to our pets? Plastic bowls are more prone to bacteria build-up.

How to Choose a Dog Daycare

If you have a dog that requires an outlet for his boundless energy, daycare can provide the safe, healthy and fun environment he needs to help him/her stay out of trouble at home!

Head Halters for Dogs

Head halters, like ALL training equipment, need to be used carefully. They are NOT appropriate for every dog.

Destructive Behaviour

Too many dogs are abandoned to a chain or pen in the backyard, or given up for adoption because of destructive behavior.

Your Senior Dog

It is easy to become confused about deciding on the best food for your older dog. The most important thing is that the food consist of a good proportion of high-quality protein.

Water Safety for Dogs

Whether you take your dog out paddling in the canoe or boating in the lake, it pays to be safe by having him or her in a life jacket.

Vehicle Safety for Dogs

Here are some steps to consider when thinking about your dog’s safety while travelling in a car.


Canine and feline vaccination programs have been a cornerstone of prevention of infectious disease in pets.