Your Senior Dog

It is easy to become confused about deciding on the best food for your older dog. The most important thing is that the food consist of a good proportion of high-quality protein.

Water Safety for Dogs

Whether you take your dog out paddling in the canoe or boating in the lake, it pays to be safe by having him or her in a life jacket.

Vehicle Safety for Dogs

Here are some steps to consider when thinking about your dog’s safety while travelling in a car.


Canine and feline vaccination programs have been a cornerstone of prevention of infectious disease in pets.

Understanding Grooming Scissors

When grooming your dog at home, your most important tool is a pair of scissors. Scissors are to a groomer what a paintbrush is to an artist.

The Shedding Challenge

Does your dog or cat shed like mad? Is hair all over your house, your car and your clothes?

Saying Goodbye

Eventually, as their pet’s age, many Guardians are faced with making final decisions for their pets.