We’re excited to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with our favorite Guardians and pets!
To celebrate, one of our pet’s from the Pet Planet Office, Harvey, told us what he was grateful for this year…

1. Morning snuggle time with MY BEST FRIEND in their bed.
2. Waking my people up with slobbery “I wuff you” kisses.
3. Finding MY FAVORITE THINGS in my toy bin.
4. Letting the other neighbors know I am awake with squeezing of said toy. (I’m a great rooster!)
5. The squeak my toy make when I squeeze it.
6. Getting up to “do my business” while taking in Mother Nature.
7. Watching my BEST FRIEND do their business.
8. Watching my BEST FRIEND eat their breakfast.
9. Eating my Best Friend’s Breakfast.
10. Gobbling delicious Thanksgiving dinner in my bowl.
11. Going on a car ride – can we go? How about now? I’ll keep your seat warm.
12. Windows rolled down, paws out, ears up, jammin.
13. Heading to the park for adventures – have you seen trees?
They are just the coolest things. Trees man. Ya just gotta see the trees.

14. Playing hide and seek (someday I swear – I will find my nose!)
15. Visiting with my paw-ssy for play dates.
16. Shopping for my favorite toys and treats at Pet Planet – with my BEST FRIEND!
17. Camping under the stars – with my BFF!
18. Going on a boat (no flippy floppies needed – I herald you “The Moving Frisbee”).
19. Singing the mailman the songs of my people.
20. Whiskers and wags in the snow!
21. Spotting the snowman in the snow.
22. Realizing the snowman is definitely “not” a person – so clearly, he must be an intruder.
23. Protecting my human from the snow “fiend” by tackling it to the ground.
24. Squirrel! Really guys – did you see the squirrel? It’s fluffy and squeaky… and always in our yard.
25. Pretending my human can play tug of war with me, acting limp,
then showing them who the true master is!
26. Watching my human play basketball.
27. Seeing the basketball. Must. be. the ball.
28. Chasing the basketball across the street until it’s clenched in my loving jowls.
29. Jumping in piles of leaves my human loves to scoop (just for me!)
30. Playing frisbee.
(Parkour + Showing Off My Olympic bod.
I think we can agree there’s a little something for everyone. Especially my lady pups. Call me.)

31. Going to work with my human! (I’m great with supplies!)
32. Having an in-house masseuse or personal servant.
33. Putting on a magic show for my best friend.
(For my next trick, watch this bone…DISAPPEAR!)

34. Extra pets I like and behind the ear scratches – my favorite thing!
35. Eating dinner – my favorite thing!
36. Homemade dog cookies? – my favorite thing!
37. Wagged my tail – my favorite thing!
38. Naptime, which requires my favorite blanket – and my BEST FRIEND!
39. Dreaming about all the Thanksgiving leftovers…
40. My best friend. <3

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