Ch. Jaraw’s Zini Zepplynn (July 7, 2001-April 20, 2015)


On July 7, 2001 a litter of Siberian Husky puppies were born at a kennel in sunny California. The Walt Disney movie “Dinosaur” was popular at the time so the breeder April Cox named the litter after the lemurs in the movie. One of the male puppies was named Zini. Zini was white with red spots and red splashes (a.k.a. piebald) and was very loved by April’s daughter, Shyrell. Zini lived with the Cox family for two years until our friends Rick and Jackie brought Zini to live with them in central Alberta to run on their distance sled dog team. Zini not only ran on their team but also acquired his Canadian Championship in July 2005. Rick and Jackie loved Zini for his love of life and joyful spirit. Zini always had a mischievous twinkle in his eye, like the time he ran around their yard with a beer can in his mouth, not stopping to let them catch him until the can was empty – yes, he drank it! Zini was the kind of boy that kept his guardians on their toes because of his wit and charm. Zini lived happily with Rick and Jackie but eventually the time came to retire Zini from their long distance sled team. So they reached out to my husband and myself to see if we would be interested in adding Zini to our home and our recreational sprint team of sled dogs. This was difficult for Rick and Jackie because of the extreme love that they felt for Zini but they felt it was the right thing to do for him. My husband and I travelled to Rick and Jackie’s home in March of 2007 and the moment that Zini and I made eye contact, he touched something very deep in my soul. That moment began many years of a beautiful relationship between the two of us. My husband and I loved him and he loved his new family. From the very first day in his new home Zini came to work with me every day at Pet Planet Resort and Day Spa. The caregivers and staff at The Resort and Head Office Team loved Zini as well. So his days were spent being loved by many.

Zini ran on my sled beside his buddy Abby until Christmas 2012. Zini had not been himself and he was tired during the holidays, so he stayed home while we sledded with the teams. Zini and I headed back to the office on January 3, 2013. During the day Zini tried to stand up but could not so I rushed him to our vet. After some tests and radiographs the problem was found. Our vet detected a mass on Zini’s liver, spleen and lungs. Cancer! Zini and I looked at each other and I knew that we were beginning a fight that we would battle together. I got to work putting the knowledge from my years at Pet Planet to work. I knew that with some of the products Pet Planet carried I could help Zini and so we began…

The first thing that I did was put Zini a raw diet because dogs with cancer need a low carbohydrate diet. Cancer cells thrive on carbohydrates so I was not going to include carbs in Zini’s diet. I then chose some supplements Pet Planet carries. From NaturPet, Zini took their Tumor-X, Liver Shield, Chronic Recovery and Life Flow. I also knew it was important to boost his immune system to help him fight the cancer cells. The products from Pet Planet I chose to help his immune system were Pet-Tek Immune Booster and Peterna (Bovine Colostrum) as well as NOVAnimal Advanced Age Probiotic and Olie Naturals New Beginnings probiotic. Zini was also given Olie Naturals Solid Ground as an antioxidant as well as an excellent immune booster.  After doing a bit more research, Zini also started on a human supplement called Chlorella which is known to bolster the immune system and to fight cancer, a B50 vitamin daily as well as oils containing Omega 3 Fatty Acids because cancer cells have difficulty using fats for energy.

A year and more passed and Zini was doing well. Physically you could see that he was having some immune system issues but our vet said that he was still with us because of the immune boosters that he was being supplemented with. He had some hair loss but he still had that mischievous sparkle in his eye and was happy. Zini was having the quality of life that we wanted him to have. He was being treated holistically for his cancer and doing well. Radiographs showed smaller tumors so we were thrilled with that news. Unfortunately blood tests were showing a rise in liver enzymes, which was concerning and through 2014 Zini’s liver enzymes continued to rise from the tumors. It was decided to put Zini on SAMe. SAMe allows the liver to produce more glutathione in order to protect the liver from further damage. Zini continued to fight his battle with cancer. I treasured every moment with him because I knew that at any time he could crash and on February 1, 2015, he did. Zini was vomiting nonstop and we ended up at 24 Hour Care. As we were waiting for blood results I laid with Zini on the floor of the clinic. I put all my selfishness aside, without speaking, just connecting asked him if he was ready to leave this Earth and he was not. We left the clinic early in the morning with some meds, I took Zini home and he fought. I think that everyone that knew us and knew what we were going through those few days thought that Zini’s time had come. I know more than a few friends were shocked and delighted when Zini slowly began to eat again and then rally back as he always did. What we didn’t know then but we know now was that setback was the beginning of the end for our boy.

On April 15, 2015, Zini’s lymph nodes on the left side of his neck became very swollen. It was suspected that he had an infection and was put on antibiotics. On the 17th, Zini was worse and the swelling had spread to his face. A fine needle aspiration was done and sent away. Over the course of the weekend Zini got worse and by Monday morning Zini told me that it was time to go and so I listened. It turned out Lymphosarcoma had reared its ugly head and was taking my Zini. It was a different cancer than what we began fighting 2 years and 3 months before. Part of my heart broke that day and will never heal. He and I shared a bond that was very special, as so many other guardians have experienced with the loss of their fur baby. Zini is still with me and always will be. When I think of him I see those beautiful eyes that looked right into my soul. I feel his energy and peace. His 13 years and 9 months of life on this Earth may be over but he lives on in all that knew and loved him.

Rest in peace my sweet Zini.


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