Pet Planet’s vision is for a world where animals are treated with respect for the unique individuals they are… a world in which consideration is given for an animal’s needs and quality of life... a world void of animal exploitation, abuse, and neglect. From this dream the Guardianship Movement was born.

The Pet Planet Guardian Health Magazine

The Guardian Health Manual

The 2019 Guardian Health Manual has arrived! This year’s edition has a new look, feel and is filled with a ton of great information to help guide you on your Guardianship journey.

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Guardian Promises

  1. Make a lifetime commitment to my animal companion
  2. Adopt my pet only through responsible rescues and ethical breeders
  3. Spay or neuter my animal companion for their health and to prevent overpopulation
  4. Provide nutritious health food, fresh water and daily exercise for my animal companion
  5. Eliminate the use of toxic household cleaners and outdoor chemicals
  6. Care for the emotional needs of my animal companion
  7. Understand and work through my animal companion’s behaviour issues
  8. Treat my animal companion with compassion and gentleness
  9. Report suspected animal abuse or neglect
  10. Call myself and others “Guardian” rather than “Owner
  11. Encourage others to embrace Guardianship

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In 2006, Albuquerque, New Mexico became the first city in North America to ban the sale of pets in stores. Since the ban started, Albuquerque has seen a 23% increase in pet adoptions

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