Since 1996, Pet Planet has been promoting the use of the term “Guardian” instead of “owner” in our locations. As a community driven pet health store, we believed this shift was not only semantic, but encouraged a deeper understanding of the responsibilities involved in pet care. After all, how we think, dictates how we speak and act. By changing the terminology we used within our stores, our hope was that we could make a small difference within our communities.

Guardianship MovementAs our business grew, and we met more and more responsible and passionate pet Guardians, it became evident that this was a concept society as a whole was eager to embrace. In 2004, we took the next step, launching the Pet Planet Guardianship Movement in our stores with the help of committed franchise operators and Pet Planet ambassadors.

This has never been a radical movement for us. It is a gentle shift that can change how we perceive our relationships with pets in our community. It is one we firmly believe animal lovers everywhere can embrace.

We began with twelve promises that defined what it meant to be a Pet Guardian. One of those promises has become a prominent issue in recent news, and it refers to the sale of pets in pet stores.

In 2006, Albuquerque, New Mexico became the first city in North America to ban the sale of pets in stores. Since the ban started, Albuquerque as seen a 23 percent increase in pet adoptions, and a 35 percent decrease in shelter euthanasia-encouraging statistics that wholeheartedly support our Guardianship Movement. This is an obvious step in the right direction, improving animal health and welfare, which is Pet Planet’s primary goal as a business, and as a member of our communities.

In September 2010, Richmond BC became the first Canadian city to follow suit. Our hope for 2011, is that many more Canadian Cities will join the fight for responsible pet Guardianship and with this in mind, we have launched an online petition to increase awareness of the cause. Pet Planet believes in fighting to make a difference, signing and agreeing with the Pet Planet Guardianship Petition shows your support and ensures that your support will help Pet Planet change the laws in all cities that require updates.