Let's Give Back- Fundraising Initiative



Tired of collecting bottles, selling magazine subscriptions or carrying around boxes of chocolate and cookies?

Pet Planet’s “Let’s Give Back” Program is an opportunity for your organization to raise money for your cause – easily and effectively. Whether you are an animal rescue group or representing your child’s local baseball league, we are here to help support you and the communities we call home.

The Benefits

For your supporters it’s easy. For only $5.00, they receive a coupon booklet filled with coupons for products and services found at your local Pet Planet valued up to $100.00. (That’s 20 times the purchase value!)

For you, the benefits are even better!

  1. We give the booklets to you FOR FREE!!
  2. Your charity/group keeps 100% of the money raised!!! That means if you sell 100 booklets you raise $500 – Sell 1000 and raise $5000.
  3. They’re small, light-weight and easy to sell – no more order forms or bulky products to carry around.

So…How Do You Get Them?

All you have to do is to visit your local Pet Planet and request the number of booklets you need. The store will place your order and will call you when you can pick them up. Then off you go!

We wish you the best of luck with your fundraising initiatives. Thank you for choosing Pet Planet as your community partner.

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some of the vendors included in the coupon booklet include the following:

Natural Balance Pet Foods
Outward Hound
Spring Meadows