Product Philosophy

At Pet Planet we do not use the word “Trust” lightly. We understand that trust must be earned and then to keep your trust we must continue to exhibit “trust-worthy” behaviour. This philosophy is one of the things that sets Pet Planet apart in the pet industry – we take your trust in us very seriously and we will work very hard to both earn and keep it.

Do you buy your pet food from the stores that care about pet nutrition?

We get it, you can find pet food that claims to be "healthy" almost anywhere – from your local hardware store to where you buy your laundry soap – everyone seems to have pet food and supplies for sale. Then couple this convenience with what looks like "great food for a great price" and it makes perfect sense to simply save a step in your busy day by bundling your needs into a “one-stop shop”.

But you wouldn't buy your steak at a hardware store

So why buy your pet food from the same place that sells light fixtures?

First, let’s quickly talk about nutrition. Generally speaking, most grocery food brands are lacking in the nutritional ingredients necessary to support your pet’s health. They often contain by-products, growth hormones, meat-treated with antibiotics as well as artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. Packaging and labels can mislead you by showing you what they know you want to see, meat, fruits and vegetables on the bag and ingredient panels that prove as much – but don’t be fooled. Some pet food manufacturers have become quite savvy at manipulating their ingredient panels to disguise the true contents of their food.

Listen, we are not trying to scare you, we just want you to know what’s out there. So, let’s take nutrition and convenience out of the conversation for a minute and let’s focus on price.

We agree! You CAN find pet food for your lower "ticketed" prices in your grocery store. But have you ever wondered if you are actually saving money? We wanted to know that answer as well so we did a quick study, food brands that we carry in store against some of the leading grocery brands on the market today, here is what we found:


While the grocery brand was indeed cheaper at point of purchase, it proved more expensive to feed to your pet over time. Why? It relates back to our talk about nutrition – those inferior ingredients that contain fewer calories – meaning your pet needs more food to sustain them. That leads to more trips to the “hardware store” not to mention the added benefit of more trips outside with the poop n’ scoop (more in means more out you know!), but that is another conversation.

Let’s sum this up:

A visit to Pet Planet accomplishes a couple of things.

  • You know that you will find quality food brands that actually save you money, and as an added benefit mean a longer and healthier life for the pet you love.
  • Remember that convenience we know you are looking for? Pet Planet can support you in all of your pet needs: food, treats, toys, supplements and oh by the way – we even have stuff to help you manage life’s "little messes".

Animal Guardianship is a journey – let us help you make it a great one.

Why Your Pet's Nutrition Matters

In recent years "Mad Cow Disease" (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy or BSE) has made headlines worldwide. It has affected many industries, and the pet food industry is no exception. Many concerned pet guardians have begun to wonder, "What's really in my pet's food?"

Chosen with care for our companions

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