On an increasing basis, our pets are being diagnosed with many of the same degenerative diseases that humans suffer from today: obesity, joint issues, allergies and dietary challenges.


Food is the most powerful medicine, and you are in charge of choosing it.

Much like us, dogs and cats require protein, fat, fibre, moisture and easily absorbed vitamins and minerals for health and longevity. Improperly balanced foods can cause many different problems, including skin and coat problems and immune-system disorders. Problems associated with a poor quality commercial diet are seen every day at veterinary offices. Chronic digestive problems, inflammatory bowel disease, allergies and other auto-immune diseases are among the most frequent illnesses treated. Many of these problems appeared with the popularity of grocery brand, cereal-based, commercial pet foods and because the diet profile, (the ingredient mix) was incomplete.

Other problems may result from reactions to additives. The bottom line is that diets composed primarily of low quality cereals, low quality proteins and additives are not as nutritious or safe as the multi-national advertising campaigns will try to convince you. You should expect more for your pet.

The only way to really be confident about the content and quality of your pet’s food is to become an educated ingredient panel reader. That way you are making your food choice based on what is actually in the food, rather than on high-profile advertising, marketing gimmicks or flashy packaging. That being said, remember that there is no requirement for pet food manufacturers to disclose, on their labels, the palatability, digestibility, or biological availability of nutrients in their food making it extremely difficult to determine whether a given pet food will provide an animal with sufficient nutrients.

So what is the answer? The answer is that there is not one single, “best” food on the market today. There are many good brands available, it is all about finding the right food for each pet, which is why we carry the selection of supportive foods that we do, and why we our education-based approach to pet retail will more quickly help you find the “best” choice for your pet.

To learn more about Nutrition for your pet, please visit a Pet Planet or check out our online Education Center.