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As you know, today’s marketplace offers you many different resources for the products you need to best support your pets. From grocery to big box stores, the options can seem overwhelming. So how do you make the right choice when everyone claims to be the best source for your needs?

We believe that you just did.

By choosing to try Pet Planet, you have made a choice to shop with a retailer that is truly dedicated to the pets you love. We work hard every single day to ensure that the products we offer, the services we provide and the information that we share always has your pet’s needs in mind. We are here to offer you support through all aspects of your pet’s life – from bringing them home for the first time, to supporting your loving senior, we will work with you to ensure that your pet lives the longest and healthiest life possible.


Frequent Feeder Program

Frequent Feeder Program

Buy 12 bags of your pet’s favourite food and earn a bag for free.

Nail Clip Club

Nail Clip Club in our grooming shops

Treat your pet to a free nail clipping with every 5 purchased!

Frequent Self Washer

Frequent Self Washer earn a free Pet Spa

We will provide the soap and you get to make the bubbles – for every 5 purchased, enjoy a spa for free!

So what makes Pet Planet different?

Family – It’s where our story begins…

Pet Planet began with a mother and daughter team who suffered the heartbreaking loss of the pets that they loved. As they looked for support and answers they discovered that the pet industry, at that time, did not advocate for the pets they served. It was difficult to find accurate information relating to the impacts of proper nutrition, holistic and complementary therapies and ultimately how to support longer and healthier lives. A need for a true advocate became clear, and Pet Planet was born.

A journey towards change…

Our first store opened in Calgary in 1996, and eighteen years later we are 53 stores strong reaching from coast to coast in Canada and most recently, burgeoning into the US marketplace. As we grew, and became more deeply dedicated to changing the lives of the pets we love, the Guardianship movement was born. The concept of Guardianship revolves around the idea that how we think, predicts how we talk.

Using the word “Guardian” in place of “owner” when referring to our animal companions, is more than just an exercise in semantics, this shift in dialogue promotes a more compassionate relationship between person and animal. It refers to a new perspective on the responsibilities involved in the quality of life, care, welfare, treatment and of animals in our charge.

We take your trust seriously…

Pet Planet prides itself on the relationships we build. Our partners are chosen with care – because we believe in the products and services that they offer. Our team of franchisees and employees is among the best in the industry and are always here to support you through each step of your Guardianship journey. We take your trust seriously and we will work hard each and every day to both earn and keep that trust.

Mutual Loyalty…a unified relationship based on respect, dedication and trust.
That’s what makes us different.