Why Oral Health is Important for Pets

Author: Petcurean Many pet owners don’t realize the importance of oral health for their pet’s overall well-being. A healthy set of choppers and gums enables your pet to grind up his food with ease. This aids digestion by allowing the enzymes in the stomach to do their job. Just as with humans, poor oral hygiene […]

Clean Pet Dental Health Q & A

You brought us your clean teeth questions, and we brought you our answers! This month at Pet Planet, we’re celebrating dental health. Check out our detailed Q & A below with a few common questions and answers about pet dental health. Q: What’s the best way to brush my dog’s teeth? A: The first step […]

Do You Know About Your Pet’s Pearly Whites? Brush Up With Our Pup Quiz

Can you pass our pet dental health “pup” quiz? Take our quiz and check your answers below! Question 1.) What is the easiest way for you to upkeep your pet’s dental health? a.) Toothbrush and toothpaste b.) Bones c.) By eating, my pet upkeeps their teeth themselves Question 2.) What is periodontal disease? a.) A […]

Breath Mint? How To Know If Your Dog Has Bad Breath, Or Something Worse

They don’t call it “doggy breath” for just any reason. Many of us have leaned over our dog’s faces and experienced the hot breath smell we just wish we hadn’t. But is there any cause for concern over bad breath? Or could bad breath be a sign our dog’s need more help with their pearly […]

9 Rapid Fire Questions With Pet Plant CEO Laura Leah English

Making waves (and wags!) in the pet industry for over 21 years, Laura Lee English, the CEO, and co-owner of Pet Planet has helped paved the way for women entrepreneurs to put their best paw forward in what has predominantly been known as a male-dominated pet industry. As the company woofs up their anniversary this […]

3 Pet Christmas Carols

Our pets love to celebrate the season, and just like us, they enjoy a few good Christmas Carols. See below for some of our favorite “pup” songs our dogs are big fans of. Jingle “Balls” Dashing through the snow Thumping all four legs O’er the hills we go Drooling all the way *pant* *pant *pant* […]

Black Cat Superstitions…10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Black Cat

Why Do Black Cats have a Harder Time Being Adopted? We hear it all the time – black cats have a harder time being adopted vs. other cats. Part of this we can relate to influx numbers – as statistically there are higher black cats in shelters vs. other coloured cats. The black cats we […]

Baby Got Back – Questions And Answers On Overweight Pets

We all love the fat cat memes, and the round hound GIFs on the internet – but the reality is, in the real world, rolls come with real problems. So how can we be the best guardians we can be and tell when our pets are overweight? We answer some common obesity questions below. Q: […]

Avoiding Obesity – How You Can Keep Your Pet Fit

The numbers speak for themselves – America has a weight problem. Rather, 53% of dogs in America and 58% of cats are considered either overweight or obese, while in the U.S, currently about ⅓ Of American Adults are also considered obese. As a result, by the year 2020, about ¾ of Americans are expected to […]

38 Things Our Pet Harvey Is Thankful For This Canadian Thanksgiving

We’re excited to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving with our favorite Guardians and pets! To celebrate, one of our pet’s from the Pet Planet Office, Harvey, told us what he was grateful for this year… 1. Morning snuggle time with MY BEST FRIEND in their bed. 2. Waking my people up with slobbery “I wuff you” kisses. […]